Cryface Design has always gone above and beyond for Victory Records.

We are always pleased and honored to work with such a creative, passionate and driven individual.

Jason “Doublej” Link (Art Director Victory Records)

About | Cryface

Cryface Design is the brainchild of artist Stephen Bunnell. Hailing from Jacksonville FL, Cryface was influenced at an early age by comics, cartoons, slasher films, heavy metal and the need to escape the every day grind that most people find themselves in. Over the years he has developed his own style of colorful illustration that has found a home in the music and apparel industry. Cryface has designed custom merch for such bands and apparel companies as Sublime, 5 Seconds of Summer, Iron Fist Clothing, Insane Clown Posse, Rotten Cotton, Victory Records, 8-Bit Zombie, and Mac Miller.
Whether it is a shirt design, gig poster, album artwork or your little sisters birthday invitations, Cryface will draw it for you.








A true artist

is not one who is inspired,

but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali

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